An Underemphasized Skill in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

It is trite to say that any effective therapy is built on listening. A great deal of counselling and psychotherapy training is based on listening skills, with the intention that clients can feel truly understood and counsellors can be empathic. On the other hand, solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is usually thought of as a question-based approach. A great deal of SFBT training focuses on learning how to ask questions (e.g., the miracle question, exception questions, relationship questions) to elicit solution descriptions.

Does asking specific SF questions in a designated order lead to change? What is the role of listening in SFBT? Isn’t listening simply a way to convey understanding and enact empathy? What should we listen for? And how does listening enable us to ask “the right” questions at “the right” time? In this workshop, Jeff will describe seven kinds of openings for which we can listen, and offer potential “starter questions” to help develop vivid embodied solution descriptions. These will be embedded in Jeff’s current interpretation of SFBT, incorporating classic ways of thinking and new ideas.

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The workshop on August 20th runs 4pm to 8pm UTC+1, which is 8am to 12pm in Calgary!